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[Secret Series]: The Secret to Making Friends in College Is...

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Today, I'm discussing a topic that's commonly asked among students who are in college or who will be attending college. That common question is all about friendships.

How do you make friends in college? How do you maintain those friendships? What's the secret? I'll answer all of the questions down below!


Many students who are attending college wants to know the secret to making friends in college. I'm going to be 100% transparent with you, there is no formula, secret, tips, or advices that I can give you that will instantly make you friends.

However, I have three general steps that I did that helped me make my long-term college friends:

Effort - In order for you to make friends in college, you have to put some effort down. Whether it's joining an academic club, greek life, sport(s) team, attending a party, or socializing with your classmates, some form of effort needs to happen in order for you to meet new people. You'll be surprise how far a conversation can go from a simple "hi!"
  • For anyone who's curious, yes I have tried this on my own before with one classmate. When I first transferred to my university I didn't have any friends. Like zero, nada, not a single friendship in sight. So, I sat next to this guy and I said "hi" to him. We had a few small talks that later turn into a conversation. Two years later, we're still friends, we occasionally text each other, and it all started because I sat next to him and said a simple "hi." 
Maintain - Once you've gotten close with a couple of classmates or students, it's time to maintain those relationships. Once in a while ask them to go out to get coffee or breakfast with you. Maybe you should have a study session with them during finals week. If you have some free time, don't be afraid to send them a text and have a conversation with them. Whatever the case is, don't be afraid to hit them up and continue to socialize with them.

  • I met a friend at a workshop on campus a few years ago. After exchanging phone numbers with each other, I texted her a few weeks later and we started to hangout. Roughly, two years later, we became close friends and she's literally someone that I text on a weekly basis. Mind you, this friendship did not bloom over night! It took at least a year for us to become super close to each other.
Care - My last step is to put some love and care into the friendships. Essentially, you want to show your friends that you value their time when you hangout with each. I don't want to sound cliche but literally...time is so valuable. You will never get any time that you have spent or wasted back. So, if someone is putting their time of day to hangout with you, be thankful for their time!  

→Bonus Tip←

Be openminded: This tip has to be the ultimate reason why I made the friends that I made in college. It was simply because I was openminded and I learned to give everybody a chance. You will never know who someone is as a person and as a friend until you give them a chance. Of course, always follow your gut feeling if something or someone feels off. Other than that reason, I don't see any harm in being open to meeting new students on campus.

What are your tips and advices on meeting new friends in college? Let me know down below!


  1. I definitely agree with being openminded! You meet so many different people in college so if you're not open to new things, you might miss out!

  2. This is such a fun read. And yes, you definitely need to make an effort to get to know someone. Also, being open minded can open you to more possibilities.

    Jessica |


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