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[K-drama Review]: Touch Your Heart

In 2019, Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook teamed up to star in Touch Your Heart. This drama brought two highly competitive industries into one beautiful love story.

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The beautiful actress Oh Jin-shim, who goes by her stage name Oh Yoon-seo, found herself in a scandal that ultimately damages her career. She was left jobless for two years and her popularity slowly dropped too. However, a special job opportunity comes up when she's offer a role in a television series that centers on law. However, she must agree to gain work experience at a law firm before she can secure the role. Not to mention, she must agree to be a secretary to a cold lawyer name Kwon Jung-rok. Touch Your Heart tells a compelling love story between a hardworking lawyer and an ambitious actress. 

One of the reasons why I enjoy this drama was because it gave me the realities of what it's like to be an actress and a lawyer. There's drama, gossips, debates, and tough times that some people don't know about unless they are in the industry.

Next, this drama is incredibly humorous even though it does have a number of mystery and "hard to solve" cases. However, at the end of the day, it's still a rom/com drama so having those cute and humorous moments definitely lightens up the mood. If you're searching for a (somewhat) of a typical "boss and secretary" love story then this drama is the one for you.

Last, I admire this drama because it's not necessarily a typical rom/com where there's one distress character and one perfect character. There's not just one person who's madly in love with one character. There's a great balance among the two main characters because they have their fair share of hard times, good times, and everything in-between.

One thing I wished that Touch Your Heart focused on more was the love and affection between Yoon-seo and Jung-rok. I feel like the drama played it really safe with the love and affection scenes. Of course, we had a little taste of their romance in a number of scenes but I wished there was just a little bit more so we can really feel the romance between them. 

However, this is a typical thing that happens for most dramas. K-dramas are not the same as western TV shows where it's "normal" and "ok" to show more PG-13 and NC-17 scenes. 

As for the secondary characters, they were really funny and they brought a great vibe to the drama. However, I think the secondary characters were a bit distracting. They didn't add much to the storyline but rather they "filled up" any empty spaces that was in the drama. 

I would give this drama a 9.3/10. It met the minimal requirements that I would look for in a rom/com drama. However, a few tweaks here and there would have made the drama more compelling and enjoyable. Nonetheless, it was still an amazing drama that I would recommend to anyone who wants to watch a light, "mysterious," and humorous love story. 


  1. I loved this drama! It was nice to see them together after Goblin!

  2. I loved this drama too! :)
    both are amazing actors!


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