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[K-Drama Review] The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

In late-2018, I discovered the mysterious and thriller themed Korean drama, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. This drama quickly earned its spot as one of my top favorite Korean dramas of all time. Seriously, there's no mystery dramas that can live up to this one!

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A detective was close to quitting his job, but he decided to take on a murder case. Later he discovers that it was a suicide case in disguise. While the detective becomes obsessed with solving this case, his personal life has its own complications. The detective discovers that his younger sister has been acquainted with a mysterious young man.

The mysterious man does not remember his childhood but it's evident that he had a rough life. The detective is quick to label the young man as a bad guy as he becomes suspicious of him. For some reason, the detective sister has sympathy for the young man despite his bad boy tendencies. As time continues, a forbidden and complicated love story forms between the detective sister and the mysterious young man.

The drama begins a little slow and boring but I promise it gets better through time! There was a reason why the drama was paced the way that it was! If it went any faster, the whole drama would have felt way too fast. So, be patient with this drama because it gets so much better once the bad boy and the sister become closer to each other.

Next, this forbidden and complicated love story was executed very well. It's one of those love stories where you feel it in your heart. It feels as though you're the one experiencing that love story. However, if you're searching for a "typical love story between a bad boy and good girl" then this is not the drama for you. It's unconventional, confusing, different, and it will leave your jaw-dropping. 

Also, I can't rave enough about the plot twist! It's definitely one of those plot twists where you didn't see it coming and you would have never guessed it too. Without giving too much information, you're going to see that everything that happened in this drama was not an accident, it was very much intentional. That is why the plot twist is so insane because you think you have all the pieces together but you really don't!

Last, all of the characters were fantastic! The actors and actresses really embodied their characters to the fullest! It made the drama feel so real and raw! I felt like I was living part of their life and I was going through their emotional journey with them. 

I wouldn't say there was a lot of "cons" in this drama because every episode was executed very well. However, if I am going to be nit picky, the last two episodes was extended way longer than it had to be.

Also, the plot twist "reveal" had too much suspense. I found myself skipping a couple of minutes just so I can get to the meat of the story haha. Of course, every viewer is different when it comes to suspense. Some people don't mind the long and exaggerated suspense while others (like me haha) prefers something straight to-the-point. 

The detective was probably my least favorite character because he came off as too protective sometimes. I felt like he treated his sister like a teenager more than an adult. However, I completely understand why he wanted to protect her at all cost. Their bond with each other is close, loving, and real. 

Again, I'm just being nit picky at this point. I really can't think of any other main issues that I would have against this drama, haha.

I give this drama a 9.7/10. If you're searching for a drama that's mysterious, has an unconventional love story, and an insane plot twist then this is the drama for you. It's definitely worth the watch! Enjoy! 


  1. Ohh drama with a mystery... I like it!

    1. I hope you give it a watch!! :) - Jen


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