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9 Lessons I Learned From Starting a New Job

I felt inspired to write this blog post because I got a new job! If you follow me on TikTok or Instagram then you most likely have heard about this news on one of the platforms.

Today, I'm sharing 9 lessons I've learned from being a "newbie" at a company. Mind you, this is not my first time getting a job because I have been a "newbie" at multiple jobs before. So, these 9 lessons was accumulated from every job I've ever had in my life (so far)!

Before we dive into this blog post, make sure you check out my customer service post where I some share VALUABLE lessons that I've learned in the industry. Also, if you use TikTok then definitely check my recent blog post because I share some "secrets" to have better engagement on this platform.

Educate Yourself on The Company
If you don't know the good, the bad, the ugly about the company then you need to do more searching and digging! Your best bet is to (honestly) just ask a number of people at…
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How to Increase Views, Likes, and Engagement on TikTok

Lately, so many people have been using TikTok. I hate to admit it but, I have also dived into the crazy world of TikTok too! I've been on this app for two months and I'm starting to understand the style, algorithm, and trends. I'm excited to share some tips on how you can get the most engagement and fun out of TikTok!

As always,  everything is/was based on my personal experience and personal "research". This may or may not work for everybody but it's worth a shot, right?

Understand the Algorithm

I watched many videos on how to crack the TikTok algorithm. Unfortunately, I fell into the "0 view" category a handful of times and I wanted to know why it was so hard to get views on this app. If you thought Instagram's algorithm was frustrating, you haven't tried Tik Tok yet.

So, a few days ago I stumbled upon Jade Darmawangsa video. I didn't actually think her tips were going to be helpful but wow was I wrong! I saw an increase in my views and …

10 Valuable Lessons I Learned in Customer Service

My first few jobs out of college was in customer service. It was a neutral and (somewhat) of a humbling experience. Customer service is definitely one of the most difficult jobs out there. I believe that everybody should dive into this industry at least once in their life.

It's safe to say that I've had my fair share of "mess ups" and questionable moments with customers 😅. So, let's dive into the 10 most valuable lessons I learned in customer service. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes 👍. A friendly reminder that everybody's experience will be different!

Never Blame the Customer(s)

We've all had this issue before where a customer clearly made a mistake but they somehow tossed it back on us. I learned to never argue or debate with a customer because they're "always right." If it's not a huge deal, just "take the blame" or find a fast solution before things get heated.

Be Kind 

A customer can't be upset at you if you&…

[K-Drama Review]: Tempted

When I discovered that Red Velvet Joy was going to be in a Korean drama, I couldn't contain my happiness! If you're not familiar with my K-pop biases, then fun fact Joy is my favorite Korean idol. So of course, I had to give this drama a chance! 
I watched this drama in 2018 and (for the most part) I remembered this drama pretty well. However, I don't remember every little detail so rest assure that this review won't contain too many spoiler(s)! 

Disclaimers | Semi-spoiler alert | Previous K-Drama Review
Tempted is a romantic melodrama that focuses on the lives of four young adults who discovers the dangerous game of love. In an act of revenge, a wealthy heir name Kwon Shi-hyun makes a bet with his friends to seduce the innocent and hardworking college student Eun Tae-hee. Tae-hee unfortunately does not believe in love after witnessing her parents' marriage shatter before her eyes. 
After Tae-hee meets Shi-hyun, her views on love begins to change and she falls …

[Secret Series]: The Secret to Healthy and Clear Skin is...

When I was a teenager and a college student, I never had massive issues with acne. Of course, I had my fair share of hormonal and stress acne but nothing too extreme that required me to use certain acne products.

I felt inspired to write this blog post because my skin suffers the most during winter time. Since we're technically still in winter, I thought it would be a good idea for me to share some skincare tips and advices.

Disclaimers | Skin type - dry & sensitive | Read My Previous Journal Here
Drink Water 

My most obvious tip is to drink water every day. That's truly one of the most natural and easiest ways to maintain healthy skin! You'll be surprise to see how much your skin can change if you cut off soda, sugary drinks, and/or dairy products 😉.

Saturday Skin Refining Peel Gel (pink bottle)

My skin feels like a baby's bottom after I use this product. This gel has finely milled grains that's soft and gentle on the skin. I'm not kidding when I say this pr…

[K-drama Review]: Touch Your Heart

In 2019, Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook teamed up to star in Touch Your Heart. This drama brought two highly competitive industries into one beautiful love story.

Disclaimers | Semi-spoiler free | Previous Review The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
The beautiful actress Oh Jin-shim, who goes by her stage name Oh Yoon-seo, found herself in a scandal that ultimately damages her career. She was left jobless for two years and her popularity slowly dropped too. However, a special job opportunity comes up when she's offer a role in a television series that centers on law. However, she must agree to gain work experience at a law firm before she can secure the role. Not to mention, she must agree to be a secretary to a cold lawyer name Kwon Jung-rok. Touch Your Heart tells a compelling love story between a hardworking lawyer and an ambitious actress. 

One of the reasons why I enjoy this drama was because it gave me the realities of what it's like to be an actress and a lawyer. There's…

[K-Drama Review] The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

In late-2018, I discovered the mysterious and thriller themed Korean drama, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. This drama quickly earned its spot as one of my top favorite Korean dramas of all time. Seriously, there's no mystery dramas that can live up to this one!

Disclaimers | Spoiler Free | Previous Review: Because This is My First Life

A detective was close to quitting his job, but he decided to take on a murder case. Later he discovers that it was a suicide case in disguise. While the detective becomes obsessed with solving this case, his personal life has its own complications. The detective discovers that his younger sister has been acquainted with a mysterious young man.

The mysterious man does not remember his childhood but it's evident that he had a rough life. The detective is quick to label the young man as a bad guy as he becomes suspicious of him. For some reason, the detective sister has sympathy for the young man despite his bad boy tendencies. As time continu…